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About Nasirra R. Ahamed

My Truth

Hi, I’m Nasirra R Ahamed and I am the founder of “The Energy Architect™️”. I am a #1 International Best Selling Author; host of “The Energy Architect™️” Podcast; Speaker and a Leadership & Performance Coach. I believe that each of us has the potential to Design, Create & Change what we want to see in the world for ourselves but too often we get stuck feeling like we can’t. I want to change that by giving you the tools to Architect your Personal Energy to be able to Re-Design your Destiny. 

I started my career as a Strategic Brand Building & Communication Specialist and spent 21 years in large Corporates till 2020. Having donned catalyst Leadership roles for over a decade, today I’m finally answering my calling to step into my higher purpose of Healing, Mentoring and Coaching.

 I had built a strong structure of my successful career to protect me, thinking that that is what would make me feel strong. I believed that success in my Career & Finances would nullify everything I longed for and it would complete me. This structure could have never stood for long, because there was no strong foundation to hold it up. Everything looked great from the outside, but the inside of me was longing for meaning in my life & relationships. That is when I realized that it was time to do the inner work and BUILD the foundation. The search for meaning in life is a profound and intrinsic human endeavour. It is an existential quest that drives individuals to understand their purpose and significance in the universe. I explored various philosophical, spiritual, and personal avenues to find meaning, ranging from beliefs to personal passions, psychology, science and relationships. This search led me to a deeper sense of fulfilment, happiness, and a greater sense of connectedness with Myself and others. While the answer to life’s meaning may be elusive and subjective, the journey of seeking it can bring profound insights and growth.

My work in the space of Energy started in 2011. Energy is the vital force that influences our thoughts, emotions, and actions, shaping our experiences and interactions with the world around us. It gives us the tools to live the life we want to design for ourselves. Understanding and channelling this energy can lead to profound personal growth, balance, and alignment with our authentic selves. 

Merging concepts of Energy with Corporate involves infusing spiritual principles into Corporate Culture & Leadership. Emphasizing values like mindfulness, compassion, and ethical decision-making can enhance employee well-being, foster a positive work environment, and contribute to more sustainable business practices. 


Integrating Spirituality with Corporate Goals can lead to greater purpose, innovation, and a deeper sense of connection among employees and stakeholders. 


And this is what I do! Integrating coaching with ancient wisdom is a powerful approach to personal development and growth. Ancient wisdom often comes from various philosophical, spiritual, and cultural traditions that have stood the test of time. By combining these timeless principles with modern coaching techniques. I provide a holistic and profound way to help individuals achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives. 


I am a Certified Coach with over 21 years of experience in Leadership roles, a Mind Reset & Rewiring Engineer; a Spiritual Scientist and a Certified Panic Healer. I also specialize in Meditation and Chakra healing. 


Driven by Empathy and defined by Excellence, my Mission is to help Future Leaders, Organizations & Individuals Unleash their True & Authentic Potential. My Purpose is to Inspire, Lead & Transform. Through my Coaching, Podcasts, Workshops, Courses and Writing, I integrate coaching, mindset reprogramming, NLP, spirituality, somatic therapy & energy work to help my clients clear their limiting beliefs to unleash their hidden potential to drive breakthrough results for themselves. 


Each of us has the power within us to Design & Architect our destiny with Intention! 

My brainchild, “The Energy Architect™️” Is something that I have been internally working on & researching for the last 3 years and I now present it to the world and to the universe. 

I am “The Energy Architect™” 

Atma Namaste

(The Divinity in me honours the Divinity in you)

I am “The Energy Architect™”

Connect with Nasirra at https://linktr.ee/nasirra.r.ahamed
Would love to connect with you and explore possibilities!