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“The Energy Architect™️”
podcast is to make wisdom go viral.

“The Energy Architect™️” podcast brings fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people from around the world straight to viewers all over the world. Listen to new episodes anywhere you get your podcasts. 

“The Energy Architect™️” Podcast reframes Trauma, Limiting Beliefs & Mind blocks into Self-Growth, Healing, Success and Emotional Liberation that are vital for us to grow in our life practices to strengthen relationships- not just with others but also ourselves. The topics are on Leadership, Coaching, Love, Self, Service and Healing.

Shift from ”What is” to What if”.

Claim your Power to be able to Re-Design your Energy & Life intentionally!


Nasirra R. Ahamed

Nasirra R Ahamed, the founder of “The Energy Architect™️” #1 International Best Selling author; host of The Energy Architect™️ Podcast; Speaker & Leadership & Performance Coach.


Lynda "SUNSHINE" West- 25 times #1 International Best Selling Author Creating Her Legacy. Did you know she faced one fear every single day for an entire year?


The Zen Warrior and a Certified Coach & Reiki Master. Melissa served in the US Army where she retired as a Signal Chief Warrant Officer. She served 25 months in a combat zone in Iraq & Afghanistan. Learn about her balance with polarity


Anja is the creator of Fountain of Color Empowerment, an intuitive balancing modality focused on assisting highly sensitive people and empaths in systematically taking care of their own well-being and keeping up their vibrant energy to serve the world.


Lauren is a "Certified Hypnotherapist" and "Provoker of Possibility". She works with "Curious Individuals"', "Creative Entrepreneurs" and "Conscious Companies" who are ready to explore how they can do things differently in their work and life.

Dina Legland

Dina Legland talks about celebrating Resilience & the 4 stages of conquering Fear.... Dina Giordano Legland is 2 times #1 International Best Selling Author. She is "The Inner Warrior Coach".

Dina Sabnani

Dina Sabnani - "The Joy Activator". She s a Soul Coach, Writer, Transformational Speaker, and Human Connector! She is also a Certified Theta Healer & a "Soul Coach". Dina Sabnani is a #1 International Best Selling Author.

Lindsey Haygood

Lindsey Haygood- # 1 International Best Selling Author, Certified Fitness Health Coach • Speaker • Storyteller. She talks about her journey from Recovery to Self Discovery! Anjana Nambissan on Re-Parenting The Inner Child. Anjana Nambissan is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation teacher, and Founder of Daffodils Bloom Life Coaching.

Anjana Nambissan

Anjana Nambissan on Re-Parenting The Inner Child. Anjana Nambissan is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation teacher, and Founder of Daffodils Bloom Life Coaching.


Maria is an empowerment women's advocate offering opportunities to women who are ready for change. She has worked as a Domestic Violence Advocate and at a migrant head start for kids.

Shanna Lee Moore

Shanna Lee Moore is an entrepreneur, business owner and award winning, #1 international best selling author. Shanna has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007 and shares the benefits of electrolyzed, reduced water since 2012.


Kimberley is a #1 International Best Selling Author. She is a Holistic Life Coach and Personal Trainer. She talks about Pain, Prayer & Accountability and what it takes to push people to their next level.

Gail Kraft

Gail Kraft has transformed her life over and over again from a gang kid in Boston to an Empowerment Master. She takes clients through a process that elevates their life, in all aspects- Author, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker. She is a #1 International Best Selling Author.

Lorrel Elian

Lorrel Elian is a Leading Psychosomatic Therapy Expert in North America for over a decade. Master of Sacred Body Language, Business Coach For Healers, Therapists, & Holistic Based Professionals To Build A Business Doing What they Love.

Dr. Beatriz R Olson

Dr. Beatriz R Olson is a trained endocrinologist who also has unique and extraordinary skills in mind body medicine and transformative health empowerment. Her work combines evidence-based science, mind-body-spirit aligning techniques, and #integrative and #functionalmedicine to provide comprehensive and effective healing. In her Book, “Mind Body Secrets: A Medical Doctor’s Spiritual and Scientific Guide to Wellness” she unravels the secrets, ancient wisdom, we must know to prevent and overcome the sickness and metabolic dissonance that makes us ill, caused by being evolutionarily ancestral humans facing a rapidly changed and modern world.


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